Trump’s Individual Plan + Bush’s tax-free HSA

Trump’s Executive Order for Individual Insurance – READ HERE

7 states, AL, AZ, FL, KY, SC, TX, & WI, have Trump’s Plan + HSA-Qualifying insurance. In Rock Hill S. Carolina a 30-year-old Mom + son can get Trump’s HSA-Qualifying insurance for $2,144/year ($178/month). When she deposits $8,300 into her HSA at the bank she saves $2,324 in income taxes if she earns $75,000/year (22% Federal + 6% S. Carolina). Mom saves $180 more in taxes than the cost of her health insurance!

In contrast, Blue Cross is selling Federal Government Employees a “Standard Option PPO” to Single-Parents for $728/month and taxpayers also pay an additional $14,000/year! Trump’s Individual Plan in S. Carolina is $178/month so Mom saves $550/month and the taxpayers save the entire $14,000 every year! Republican solutions work!

When the Media & DC Politicians refuse to say, tax-free HSA, become informed at!

A Storm is coming;
Reform is coming

Taxing every dollar saved for retirement is – WRONG! Trickle down saved in tax-free HSAs is – RIGHT! Every single-parent mother is paying Payroll Tax on every dollar earned! There are No Payroll Taxes on employer HSA deposits!’s 1999 WHO Radio advertising in Iowa turned Texas Governor George W. Bush into an HSA freak. Bush created tax-free HSAs starting in 2004; ran these 4 commercials at the birth of HSAs in Detroit because GM’s CEO Wagner was calling for Socialized Medicine. was 20 years ahead of its TIME in 2004 because these HSA radio commercials sound perfect for today in 2024; including; step into the “Ownership Society” at